How to Qualify for the "Out of the Gate" Incentive

What is the "Out of the Gate" Incentive?

We have found that success on Doximity Talent Finder is highly correlated to the full utilization of the tool. Sending all of your recruitment messages, also known as DocMails, each month increases the likelihood of getting responses from clinicians, and ultimately making hires.

Because of this, we offer a program called the "Out of the Gate" incentive.


How does it work?

If your team sends all of your monthly-allotted DocMails in the first 30 days of starting Talent Finder, then your team will receive extra DocMails to send. Your DocMail allotment for each credit period is set by your contract.

For example, let's say your team has 100 DocMails to send each credit period. If your team sends all 100 DocMails within 30 days of your start date, you will receive an extra 100 DocMails to send that credit period as part of the incentive.


What are the requirements to qualify?

  • Must be a new client (30 days or less since start date)
  • Must send all of your allotted DocMails within 30 days of your subscription

How will we receive the additional DocMails if we qualify for the Incentive?

Your Doximity Talent Finder Team tracks utilization internally and will be alerted once you qualify. At that point, the DocMails will be automatically added to your Talent Finder account and the Client Success Team will notify you of your eligibility.


Am I eligible for the "Out of the Gate" Incentive more than once?

The "Out of the Gate" Incentive only applies to the 30-day period from your start date. However, we recommend that you and your team continue to fully utilize Talent Finder each month by sending out all of your DocMails, as our data suggests that high utilization leads to more high-quality leads.


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