How to Qualify for the Click Thru Guarantee

The Click Thru Guarantee (CTG) is a way for you to get the most out of your DocMail messages. In addition to providing the opportunity to reach more clinicians with your outreach, it also provides transparency to our clinician members.


What is the Click Thru Guarantee?


DocMails sent with jobs that include 'Estimated compensation' are eligible for the Click Thru Guarantee (CTG). If a clinician doesn't click on a DocMail within 10 days of it being sent, that DocMail will be credited back to your account to use again. This only applies when 'Estimated compensation' is included within the attached Job Template. If compensation was not included in the Job Template of the sent message, you will not receive the additional credit.

The Estimated compensation field of a Job Template:


Want to learn how to create a Job Template? Click here.


How Can I Tell How Many CTG Credits I'll Receive & When?

CTG Credits are allotted if a DocMail with compensation is not clicked on within 10 days. The credit will be added on the 11th day after the DocMail was originally sent.

For example, if you sent 100 DocMails that included a job with compensation on December 10th, and 25 clinicians clicked on your DocMail between December 10th-December 20th, you will receive 75 DocMail credits on December 21st.

You can find out how many credits you will receive by looking at your DocMail report, which can be found on the Reports page.


Understanding Your Downloadable DocMail Report

Scenario #1: Not eligible for CTG Credit



In the example above, the DocMail was clicked on the same day it was sent (12/2/20); therefore, the DocMail is not eligible for the Click Thru Guarantee.

Scenario #2: Eligible & Credited for CTG Credit



In the example above, the DocMail was not clicked on, and therefore a DocMail was credited.


Scenario #3: Eligible for CTG Credit But DocMail Balance At 2X Monthly Allotment, Not Credited



In the example above, the DocMail was not clicked on and was therefore eligible for the CTG; however, the DocMail balance was already 2X the monthly allotment, so the CTG credit was not added. See how DocMail balances work here.



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