How to Create a Job

Before you can send a DocMail or publish a Job Post, you must first create a Job Template. They’re easy to set up and guaranteed to save you time. From the Jobs page, click Create New Job

As you create your Job Template, you’ll notice that some fields are required to save the Template, while others are optional.

Required Fields:
- Select the Credentials (MD/DO, NP, PA, CRNA) for the position that you're recruiting for.
- Create a Job Title that will be displayed to both active and passive clinicians on the Doximity network. It's important to make the Job Title eye-catching and engaging by highlighting one or two of the benefits of the position. Job Titles must have a minimum of 30 characters.
- Select the Location of the position. Start by typing in the city and select the location from the drop down list. You have the ability to select the exact city, near a city, or the entire state.
- In the Specialties targeted section, start by typing the general specialty you are recruiting for (ex. Psychiatry). If a subspecialty is needed, select the specialty and subspecialty listed. (ex: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry). You are able to select up to 3 specialties and subspecialties.
- Complete the Description section of the Job Template - outlining details of the opportunity, benefits provided and information about your organization and/or the location of the opportunity. There is a 2,000 character limit for Job Template descriptions.
- Select the Primary contact for the job. The Primary contact must be someone in your organization that has a Talent Finder account. This is the person that will get email notifications if a clinician applies to a job.
- For Practice Type, select the type of practice the position is for: Inpatient & Outpatient, Inpatient, Outpatient, or Non-clinical.
- The next required field, Employment Type, refers to whether the job is Full-time, Part-time, Locums, or a Telemedicine position.
- The last section, For your internal use, is an area where you can label the job with a title and/or ID # to help you track your jobs. Information in these fields is only visible to you and your team. 

Optional Fields: 
- Affiliated facilities includes all health systems. Start typing in the name of the facility, and select the facility you're recruiting for. The name of the facility will be shown on the Job Post. If you're recruiting for a health clinic, it will not be listed as an affiliated facility.
- The More Info link gives you an opportunity to include a URL to your organization's careers page, or to your organization's website. This serves as an opportunity to direct clinicians to an external page for more information.
- If you would like to advertise that the position proves Visa support, select the Visa type the job will support.
Est. Compensation is the estimated compensation of the job. Although optional, DocMails with a Job Template that include compensation are eligible for our Click Thru Guarantee. For the Click Thru Guarantee, any DocMails not clicked on within 10 days of being sent to a clinician will be credited back to your account to use again.
- For Full-time positions, you can indicate the salary range. The range cannot be larger than $100,000 (ex. $200k-$300k).
- For Part-time, Locums and Telemedicine positions, you can select the average hourly or monthly compensation. The compensation will be displayed with a -/+ 10% range. For example, if a job is paying $100/hour, the compensation range will display as $90-$110/hour.
Add'l compensation details is a place to expand on the compensation above if needed. Some examples could be relocation packages or compensation based on experience. Compensation details will always be displayed alongside the compensation range. Compensation will only be shown to clinicians receiving the DocMail with the attached Job Post. Compensation will not be seen by doctors viewing the Job Post on the Doximity Careers Page. 

After you've previewed your job and you're satisfied with it, click Create your Job, and the Job Template will save to your Jobs page. 

If there are any missing fields or if there is too much or not enough text in a field, you will be notified to Please fix the highlighted field(s) in red before you can save the job. 

Once all fields are completed on the Job Template, you have the option to Preview as DocMail or Preview as Job Post. After you've previewed the Job Template and everything looks ok, click Create your Job.

Once your Job Template is saved and on your Jobs page and you are ready to publish the Job Post, click Post. You’ll be provided with a preview of the Job Post. Scroll to the bottom of the post and click Save and Post.

The Job Post will then show up as Live on your Jobs page, and that indicates the job is posted on the Doximity network and is occupying one of your Job Post slots.

To save time when creating a new Job Template, you can copy an existing Job Template by clicking the 3 dots next to the job and selecting Copy Job. The existing Job Template will appear, and you can make any edits as needed. Click Create your Job, and the Job Template will appear on your Jobs page.

To replace a job that is Live with a different job, click on the 3 dots next to the job and select Unpost Job. This will open up a job post slot and allow you to post a different job.

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