DocMail FAQs

What is a DocMail?

A DocMail is a message you send directly to a Doximity clinician through the Talent Finder platform. In order to send a DocMail, you must include a Job Template along with the body of your message (created via Message Templates).


What is the difference between a DocMail and a Message Template?

  • DocMail: The full package (Message Template + Job) sent directly to a Doximity clinician. You are able to search for clinician candidates and send them DocMails from their profile pages or by utilizing bulk-send. Your subscription includes a DocMail allocation shared across the team to send each month.
  • Message Template: The template you can create and save to utilize as the message body of your DocMail. You can save time by creating an unlimited number of shareable templates and tweak your recruitment strategy by evaluating their performance from the Templates page


Do I always have to attach a Job to a DocMail?

Yes, you must select a Job from the DocMail Compose Window in order to send a DocMail to a clinician.


How many DocMails can I send each month?

Your team's monthly DocMail credits are determined by your subscription and are allocated to your account as a shared team resource each month. You are able to track DocMail availability and usage from your Activity Reports or Dashboard page.

If you have 5+ team members sending DocMails, click here to see an example of how to structure your account.


When do I get more DocMails each month?

Each month is a DocMail credit period. Your credit period start date can be any day throughout the month depending on your Talent Finder start date. As an example, if you started using Talent Finder on January 16, your next credit period will begin on February 16. This is the day your team will receive a new DocMail allocation.

You can find your next credit period start date on the Dashboard page in your Talent Finder account.

What is the DocMail ClickThru Guarantee?

DocMails with an attached Job that includes "Estimated Compensation" are eligible for the ClickThru Guarantee. If the DocMail recipient doesn't click to view the attached Job details within 10 days of the DocMail being sent, then your team will receive an additional DocMail credit to use again.

The Guarantee is only valid when the "Estimated Compensation" field is complete. ClickThru Guarantee DocMail credits are added to your account on a rolling basis relative to the sent date and independent of your monthly DocMail allotment. You can reference your Reports Activity page to see the number of DocMails available at any time. 

How do I know if/when a clinician responds to my DocMails?

You will receive both an email notification and a direct DocMail notification in your Talent Finder Inbox. You can access these responses and respond from either location.

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