How to Create a Great Profile

Welcome to Doximity Talent Finder! Once you have logged in and created your Talent Finder username and password, we recommend taking a look at your profile to confirm and edit your personal information as well as your organization's information.


Following the steps below to create a robust profile will increase the engagement and traction you receive from clinicians on Doximity.


1. Once logged in, go to the right-hand side of the page and click 'Profile'.

2. Click 'Edit' under your Profile name.


3. Once you click 'Edit', you will be able to add or update any information on your profile.

4. We recommend selecting a professional photo of yourself to upload to your profile. *TIP: Physicians are more likely to respond to recruiter messages if a profile picture is included. It allows them to put a face to a name.

5. Once you have uploaded your photo, complete the remaining fields including your Name, Title, Company/Employer, and Phone Number.


6. Next, you will scroll down to the 'Professional Summary' section. In this section, you can include details about your current role at your organization. You can elaborate on your career, what you specialize in, and any professional wins you have had. Additionally, you can mention how long you have been in the industry and why you are a qualified recruiter to work with. Here is a brief example below.


7. After you have completed your Professional Summary, you can add a direct scheduling link. *TIP: We highly recommend including a direct scheduling link (You can use Calendly, Appointlet, Outlook, or Acuity) in your profile. This makes it easy for physicians to schedule time with you. You can read more about direct scheduling links here.

8. Lastly, although optional, you have the ability to add up to 3 external links in your profile for physicians to click on. Some links that may be helpful to include are a link to your organization's website or your LinkedIn profile. 


9. Once you've completed all the sections above, click 'Update' at the bottom of the page, and you will have a clean, informative and eye-catching profile!






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