Search Basics

Searches allow you to reach both active and passive candidates who may be interested in your job opportunities.  In order to ensure you are reaching the pool of candidates that will be the best fit for your opportunity, you can use the 15+ different search filters available in Talent Finder to target those clinicians who meet the qualifications and have the demographics and background that you are looking for.  

By filtering for the right candidates, you will be more effective with your DocMails - increasing both your ClickThru and Response rates through effective targeting.

Search Basics

- Select Clinician Type: You have the ability to toggle between credentials (MD/DO, NP, PA, CRNA), depending on the type of clinician you want to search for and send messages to. Simply click on the credential to move between options.
- Filter box keyword search: Most of the filter boxes have their own intelligent keyword search bar.  You can type what you are looking for into this box and it will bring up the options available to you within that filter.

Adding a selection: To include a filter selection in your search, click on the green “+” sign next to the option you want to include.


Removing a selection: To exclude a filter selection from your search, click on the red “-” sign next to the option you want to remove.


- Drop Down Menus: Filters that have multiple selections under one primary header will have an arrow which you can click to drop down to.


- Keyword Search: The keyword search bar found at the top of the page works like your typical Boolean search.  You can string together keywords using “AND” or “OR”, as well as remove or add options using “+” and “-”.  We recommend adding in keywords at the end of your search, after you have used the available filters. 



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