How To Send A DocMail

Before you can send a DocMail message to a clinician, you must create a Message Template. They are easy to create and will save you time in the long run.

To create a Message Template, click the Templates tab and select Create New Template.


The first thing to do is create an Internal Title for your Message Template. This will only be visible to you and your team and is a good way to label and keep track of your organization’s templates.


Next, you’re going to create a Subject Line for your Message Template. Keep in mind that the subject line is the first––and sometimes the only––thing clinicians read. Be clear and give the reader a reason to open your message.


You will also select a Salutation from the Salutation drop down menu. We offer both formal & informal options depending on the situation.


The next step in creating your Message Template is drafting the Message Body. This is where you will communicate to the clinician why you are reaching out to them specifically about this opportunity. What aspects of their background and experience make them a good fit for this position? 


Things to keep in mind:

- Write in the 2nd person. Orient your message towards the reader, not yourself. Initiate your conversation in a way that warmly welcomes candidates to engage with you.
- Be brief and make it easy to read - keeping in mind that candidates are reading your message on either their computer, tablet, or small mobile phone screen. Use bullet points and section breaks for ease of readability.
- You can create as many Message Templates as you want! You can create specific templates by specialty, location, etc.

Once you’ve created your Message Template, it is time to send your DocMails. You can send DocMails directly from Search or from a List.

If sending DocMails from the Search page, select the group of clinicians you would like to message by clicking the check box(es) to the right of the clinician profile information. If your search yields less than 200 results, you are able to send a DocMail to 30 clinicians at a time. If your search yields 200+ results, you are able to send a DocMail to 10 clinicians at a time. Click here to read more about bulk DocMail sending.


Once you have selected the clinicians you would like to send the DocMail to, select Compose Message.

The first step you will take is to Select a Job relevant to your DocMail campaign. 


Once you click Select a Job, you should see the Job Templates you and your team have created.


Once you have selected a Job Template, the next step is to select a Message Template. Just like the Job Templates, you should see all of the Message Templates you and your team have created to select from relevant to the job you are reaching out about.


Although optional, you have the ability to attach additional files to your DocMail. Some examples might be promo materials, a team photo, recent organization accolade or location highlights. 

Lastly, you have the ability to preview your DocMail before sending by clicking Preview. After previewing the DocMail and ensuring you have the correct group of clinicians selected, you can click Send DocMail.




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