How to Use Boolean Keyword Search to Find Candidates

Every word in a physician's Doximity profile is "keyword searchable". This means, if you're searching for clinical terms, title qualifications, additional degrees, or something specific that isn't already broken out in the advanced search categories you can find it by using the keyword search bar.


What is Boolean search?

Boolean search allows you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT (known as Boolean operators) to limit, broaden, or define your search - helping you to find the best candidates for your opportunities. Let's look at the terms and guidelines.

Terms & Guidelines:

Search Term



" "


If you want to search for an exact phrase in the Keyword search bar, put quotation marks around it. Talent Finder will search for the phrase on physicians' profiles. 


  • "Medical Director"
  • "CMO"
  • "Associate Clinical Professor"


On Doximity Talent Finder, you actually don't need to type AND in the keyword search bar - it's already built in! By default, any two words in the keyword box has an assumed AND function. Searching 'medical director' returns profiles with the mords 'medical' and 'director' anywhere on the profile, not necessarily together.


  • "professor clinical"
  • "executive CEO"


Use OR when you want to find profiles that have multiple words or phrases. Don't forget you have to capitalize OR for the Boolean search to be recognized!


  • "CMO" OR "Chief Medical Officer"
  • "Associate Professor" OR "Associate Clinical Professor" 
  • "H1B" OR "J1"


A minus sign (or dash) will exclude results. Use this before a word or phrase to limit it from your results. The '-' should be right next to the word without a space.


  • "Medical Director"-"professor"
  • "Urology President"-"vice"

( )

Parentheses are helpful if you want to combine Boolean search terms. This way, you can utilize OR and '-' together.

  • Medical (Director or Officer)


Additional Examples:

1. Search Criteria: Physicians with leadership experience who are fluent in SpanishScreen_Shot_2020-06-11_at_9.12.53_AM.png

In this case, we used "CEO" and Spanish" as the criteria to search by, and we separated the words using AND to ensure we only see physicians who have both leadership experience and speak Spanish.


2. Search Criteria: Physicians with telehealth experience


A search like the one above would return any physician who has any of those telehealth-related terms listed on their profile. Including all of the various words for telehealth separated by 'OR' widens your search and ensures you are searching for all physicians with telehealth experience.


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