What to Do If Your Search Yields Too Many or Too Few Candidates

Effectively using search filters allows you to find the best candidates for your job opportunities. Getting the right number of candidates is key to sending an engaging and personalized DocMail campaign. If your searches are yielding 0 candidates or 1,000+ candidates, here are some ways to refine your search tactics.

For searches yielding 0 results

  • Look at your search parameters and see if there are any filters you can remove to broaden your search results.
  • For example, if you're looking for subspecialists and/or fellowship-trained physicians and you're adding additional filters (i.e. location, years of experience, etc.) and getting 0 results, start by looking for how many subspecialists and/or fellowship-trained physicians are on Doximity. Then, you can refine the search further as needed. In the example below, there are 21 fellowship-trained Pediatric Pulmonologists on Doximity. From here, you could decide if you want to refine the search further with additional filters.


  • Broaden the search location. If you're looking for specialists around a small area, expand the location/area/region you're searching in. You can also try including clinicians with past ties to the area.

For searches yielding 1,000+ results

  • This usually means your search is too broad. Personalized DocMails to a select group of candidates receive more engagement. If your job applies to a large number of candidates (i.e. Family Medicine physicians in a metropolitan area as in the screenshot below), you will want to refine your search to different segments to help you personalize your messaging. Here is an example of a search for Family Medicine physicians in the Los Angeles area.


  • Use the Address/ZIP Code location filter and distance to the location to search for clinicians nearest to the opportunity. Below is an example of a more refined location search for Family Medicine physicians around the 90011 ZIP code.


  • Use the Experience search filter to either target clinicians early in their career or more established clinicians.


  • Use the Medical School/Residency filters to target physicians that graduated from a certain school or program.
  • Use the Professional Title filters and remove Professors/Directors if you're looking for more of a practicing physician or add those filters if you're looking for someone with an academic or leadership background.


  • Leverage keyword search to find clinicians that have certain skills or have certain ties to organizations. Examples might include "bilingual" or "military" or "rural health". Click here for more tips on how to use keyword/boolean search.
  • Leverage keyword search to exclude clinicians that may have skills/experience not needed for the opportunity. Examples might include -"faculty" or -"retired" (make sure to type a '-' before the word in the keyword search bar to indicate you want to exclude)
  • Remove physicians that are affiliated with the organization you're recruiting for


  • Remove subspecialties that you may not want a candidate to have if you're looking for a Generalist (i.e. General Internal Medicine, General Family Medicine, General Neurology, etc.)








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